Specialist orthodontics to create new dentures or a replacement dentures.

Transform your smile with real-looking dentures

Do you need dentures that won’t hurt your gums and will improve your oral health? St John Dental offers premium dentures at each of our centres. We will discuss a selection of dentures, which can replace any number of missing teeth. Now, with technological advances, dentures fit better and look more natural than ever before.

Many people think that dentures have been left behind in the cosmetic dental revolution, this is not the case! In fact, using the latest technology and techniques at our denture clinic, we create bespoke dentures that give you the ultimate smile makeover. We can replace teeth as full sets or just partial teeth that have been removed.

With years of wear and tear, trauma, gum disease, and bad oral hygiene, teeth will deteriorate. They are either lost or removed. When teeth fall out or are extracted, false teeth may be required to maintain a normal appearance, chewing ability and speech.

A consultation with one of our Dentists will help you determine the denture that is most suitable for your needs. Investing in new dentures is a big decision considering the fact that you are going to wear them every day, all day for at least the next five to seven years. Based on our assessment of your mouth you will be advised about partial and permanent dentures.

Permanent dentures include a titanium bridge across the top of the dentures. The bridge runs across the top of the palate, and the plate keeps the teeth securely in place. Partial dentures are basically there to fill random gaps with teeth that have been extracted or have fallen out.

For treatment advice or more information about dentures please contact your nearest St John Dental today.