Root Canal Treatments in Perth

Treatment that repairs cavities deep in the root.

Endodontic treatments at various dental clinics

Losing a tooth is problematic for many reasons, but most importantly, it could eventually cause further damage, creating a risk for gum disease and other related dental diseases. The standard procedure for a damaged tooth is to extract or replace it. However, people have strong feelings about losing their natural teeth. Instead, they opt for root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, a root canal procedure that occurs when a tooth is damaged by decay, disease or trauma.

St John Dental employs many highly qualified dental practitioners trained to perform root canal treatment. If you are in need of an emergency root canal, our services are convenient and accessible. With us, you can book the same or next-day appointments and, thanks to our extended hours, we can tend to your dental emergencies after work and on Saturdays. Contact us now to learn more about our endodontic treatments or to arrange an appointment.

Our root canal procedure

In total, the root canal treatment takes a minimum of three visits to complete the procedure, each appointment is dubbed ‘stage 1’, ‘stage 2’ and ‘stage 3’. The first stage consists of local anaesthesia being administered. A sheet of latex is then inserted into the infected area (also called pulp) helping to remove the infected nerve. The tooth is then drained and disinfected with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory medications.

During the second stage, our practitioners determine whether all remnants of the infected nerve have been removed. Stage 3 marks the completion of the root canal treatment and happens once all the infection and exudate (pus) are removed. After the root canal therapy, root canal fillings are selected to fit into the freshly prepared canals. Root canal fillings are important as they prevent reinfection.

Our dental practitioners take several radiographs (x-rays) in the course of the procedure. This is merely to check the shape and length of the root canal.

Emergency root canal

We allocate time for emergency dental treatments such as urgent root canals. We will schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible at either our Armadale, Cannington, Cockburn, Joondalup & Midland centres. We will also try our utmost to relieve you of any unbearable pain. If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Perth, contact our team at St John Dental.

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