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At Apollo Health, we treat our patients with the utmost care, and endeavour to provide you with excellent service from booking your appointment to the treatment, the follow-up appointment and educated advice.

Besides providing the best possible solutions, we try to inform our patients about the cause and treatment of their ailment. Browse through our frequently asked questions below for common queries regarding the medical field, or check out our blog page for fun, useful information.

Bulk billing

We aim to provide affordable healthcare in Perth, which is why we support Medicare bulk billing. Your whole family can experience the benefits of premium healthcare at a price you can afford. With the assistance of Medicare, your costs will be covered in accordance with your plan and procedure. Contact us for detailed information about our finance options.

For more information, or to book an appointment, contact St John Medical.

Yes. If you own doctor is not available at your requested time, we will offer the services of another, but your own doctor will always get preference. It also goes without saying that your own doctor cannot be guaranteed if you have a walk-in urgency.

There are many factors at may cause migraine headaches. One of the main triggers can be your diet. If you experience migraines regularly, chat to a nutritionist to figure out the root of the cause. Try not to stay in direct sunlight for long periods of time, and also, keep your caffeine intake to a minimum. Six cups of coffee a day may help you get through the day, but the after effect is not something to look forward to!

There are certain genes that can be carried generationally. Remember this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll have the cancer gene because a parent has the disease.

Back pain is difficult to manage as it is such a sensitive area and it causes unbearable discomfort. Try your best using heat or ice therapy if regular exercise and slow movements aren’t working.

Migraines are mostly caused by stress or strain in your neck muscles. Other than conventional painkillers, try massaging the painful area softly or simply try relaxation therapy. Take a walk or go for a swim, the positive endorphins will be beneficial to relieving the pain.

This is all dependent on the severity of the injury. To begin with, regular movement and basic, slow exercises is necessary, as it encourages healing and helps reduce pain. Give or take about six weeks before you begin your usual training routine.