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Dental and Medical Doctors available in Perth

The medical profession is highly acclaimed and also highly sought after but it takes more than a university degree to become an St John doctor or dentist. We take great pride in our staff, employing only the best specialists who have the best knowledge, experience and manner to be in this profession.

It is our duty to make you feel as comfortable as possible when you walk through our doors, and that starts with being at ease with the doctor or dentist you’ve chosen. We are honoured to have some of the most esteemed industry professionals working with us to ensure our patients are treated with the care, expertise and consideration they deserve.

We maintain a high standard across all disciplines and it is paramount that all our doctors and dentists adhere to this excellence.

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Our general practitioners and specialist doctors are well versed in their fields and bring an insurmountable amount of knowledge and competence to every patient they treat. They are also involved in teaching general practitioner registrars and medical students. Being involved in this allows the doctors at each centre to keep up with current medicine and benefits from continual learning. View our doctors’ profiles and book an appointment today.

Your smile is one of the first impressions you make when meeting someone, and it should be taken care of properly. Our dentists will work with you to demonstrate how best to look after your teeth so you can be confident when you flash your smile. View our dentists’ profiles and book an appointment today.