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5 steps to preventing toothache

5 steps to preventing toothache (and other dental woes)

Toothache can be sharp, throbbing, or constant – but in almost all cases, it’s painful! Whilst the exterior of your teeth might seem hard and strong, the underlying dentine is more porous, and the inside, called the ‘pulp’ is filled with nerves, tissue, and blood vessels. It’s one of the most sensitive areas in the human body, and when the nerves inside the tooth are irritated or beco...

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Implants vs dentures

Implants vs Dentures

Mention the word denture and you might have a flashback to your grandad’s favourite party trick - popping out his row of false teeth to make an audience of kids laugh. Dental prosthetics have come a long way since then, and today there are numerous options to suit individual needs and requirements. Dr Dharsh Sritharan, Dentist at St John Dental says the first and most important step in co...

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This daily ritual will improve your child’s dental health

Dental hygiene plays an important role in the overall health of our body – that’s why it’s important to set children up with good dental practices from an early age. Children will begin getting permanent/adult teeth from around five to six years old. These include molars as well as new teeth that will replace their baby or ‘milk teeth’ as they fall out. But care for our teeth needs to...

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Urgent Care broken leg patient being treated

What is Urgent Care?

Since opening its first Urgent Care centre in 2016, St John has proved a there is a high demand for this new model of medical practice in the community. St John has recently bolstered its Urgent Care centres to five with two new recent centres opening in Cannington (March 2021) and Midland (April 2020). St John WA’s Urgent Care facilities provide care to patients who have an urgent medical re...

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