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Same day emergency dental care in Armadale, Cannington, Cockburn, Joondalup & Midland

If you have chipped a tooth, been in an accident, require urgent denture repair or you’re experiencing excruciating tooth pain, you can contact St John Dental to schedule an emergency booking with one of our same day dentists. We plan our appointments in a manner that allows some wriggle room to attend to urgent problems. We will aim to schedule an appointment for you as soon as possible at one of our five emergency dental clinics across Perth, WA.

Tooth pain is a terrible experience, and it can be extremely unbearable. We try our best to minimise the discomfort in the unlikely event that you have to wait for a dentist to see you.

An emergency dental care appointment still follows the same procedures – the dentist will examine your mouth, assess the problem and provide solutions. No matter what the dental repair requires, whether it be a filling or a veneer, our emergency dentists will assist you. Sometimes a referral to a specialist is required in the event that we can’t repair your dental injury, but prior to this, we will provide emergency dental treatment to settle any discomfort or sensitivity.

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With our same day dental service, our emergency dentists can help treat urgent issues, so you don’t have to deal with pain while waiting for an available appointment. To book an appointment with a same day dentist for emergency dental care and urgent denture repairs, contact one of our five clinics across Perth, WA, today or click here to make an emergency booking

Blood is always a matter of urgency. Whether your gums are bleeding, or you’ve been in an accident that has impacted your teeth and caused bleeding, it is imperative that you see a dentist immediately to assess and repair any dental fractures or issues that may have resulted from the accident.

Cosmetic issues such as a chipped or cracked tooth are not as severe but it is still considered a serious problem. However, a cracked tooth becomes urgent when the fracture is deep or wide, exposing your gum – this will also be extremely painful, so it is best that you book an emergency visit to repair the crack as soon as it is found.

Most of us have experienced the horror of wisdom tooth pain. Wisdom teeth have a direct impact on our facial structures, which is why the aching is so agonising. We have the expertise to subside this type of pain, and if necessary, we can remove wisdom teeth immediately. In some cases, wisdom teeth cause pain because they impact other teeth. This removal requires surgery, and we would schedule you in with one of our on-site dentists.

Extreme cavities that require a root canal can also be considered an emergency due to the throbbing. This can also give rise to other issues such as headaches and general discomfort. If you’re experiencing any pain or discomfort, book an emergency appointment with our same day dentists today.