Perth dental fillings

Fix cavities due to decay with a quick filling.

Composite & porcelain teeth fillings

Your teeth’s health is dependent on how well you look after them. There are many ways you can damage your teeth over the years. Perhaps you’re a sports player or you enjoy eating sugary foods – this can cause corrosion to your teeth and result in cavities.

There may also be inherited traits such as misalignment, or even use of childhood antibiotics, chips or cracks that have worsened, general wear from clenching or grinding, chipping from various accidents or even just broken down restorations and age. These issues are no challenge for the dentists at St John Dental who provide a range of restorative treatments.

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Using composite or porcelain fillings, you don’t have to worry about your teeth’s health. We will repair any holes and cracks that cause you discomfort. Modern dentistry offer different types of bonded fillings, tooth coloured resin based or porcelain restorations, bleaching and different options for repairing larger cracks and cavities to restore strength and appearance.

The options to reconstruct a crack, chip or cavity are extensive, and we recommend coming in for a consultation in order for our dentists to assess and determine a treatment plan best suited to your needs. Choosing a filling is dependent on your dentist’s recommendations, your preferences and your finances. There are various methods to reconstruct broken down, cracked teeth or holes using composite fillings, inlays and on-lays, porcelain veneers and crowns.

There are instances where filling a tooth also involves some reconstruction or replacement of missing teeth. In this case, your dentist will present you with a range of options available best suited to relieve the problem. This could encompass dentures or cemented options such as bridges or implant design.

Fillings are not inevitable, there are many ways you can prevent cavities and damage to your teeth. Basic tooth care is all it takes. Brush your teeth twice a day and try flossing after meals – if not, at least once a day is recommended. It is also handy to carry a travel size bottle of mouthwash around to rid your mouth of food residue and eliminate bacteria that may cause infections.