Oral Dental Surgery in Perth

We perform procedures under local and general anaesthesia.

Oral surgery dental procedures

Good dental health is critical to your overall wellbeing. Often a trip to the dentist for a check-up is enough, but sometimes you may require dental treatment or even oral surgery. Such a procedure requires a team of experienced and compassionate oral surgeons and dentists. Our team at St John Dental has established themselves as some of the finest health professionals in Western Australia, and will restore your teeth and mouth back to full health. Contact us for more information, we are open Monday to Saturday.

For treatment, advice or more information about oral surgery contact your nearest St John Dental today or fill in the form below.

Oral Surgery involves the removal of teeth, roots, un-erupted teeth, apicoectomy, implants, impacted wisdom teeth and tooth exposure. These services range from simple to complex surgical procedures, all of which will be performed with complete professionalism.

St John Dental can also perform soft tissue surgery including frenectomy, biopsy and abscess drainage.

Tooth extraction
Let us remove that troublesome tooth/teeth for you.

Impacted wisdom teeth extraction
Sometimes it’s necessary to remove wisdom teeth, if they are bothering you or are impacted. If you are not sure about your wisdom teeth, book an appointment and we will assess your teeth and advise you accordingly. This is a common procedure, which our dentists have performed many times before, meaning you can rest easy knowing you are in excellent hands.  

All our patients are impressed with our exceptional facilities, complete with state-of-the-art medical equipment. You even have the option to watch TV while the dentists work.