Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom teeth removal under general and local anaesthetic.

Wisdom teeth extraction at St John Dental

Don’t let your wisdom teeth impact your health, rather let the professionals take care of it and prevent future pain and problems. At St John Dental, we provide an effective wisdom teeth removal service. This is because there may be side effects from the removal that lead to future concerns.

Please contact your nearest St John Dental today for general dental treatment, dental advice, or more information about wisdom teeth extraction (or other tooth removal services).

Remember: Prevention is better than cure!

Most people have four wisdom teeth but some have none. Many can live with wisdom teeth without any problems, but impacted wisdom teeth can cause major discomfort and oral health issues. If you think you need your wisdom teeth removed, contact us and let us take a look. If they do not need to be removed, we will tell you, but if they do, our professional and caring team of experienced St John Dental’s practitioners will make the process of removing your wisdom teeth as pain free as possible.

In some cases, there isn’t enough room at the rear of the jaw for wisdom teeth to come through, resulting in the tooth becoming wedged-in or impacted. In these situations, it can cause problems such as infection, crowding, pain, cystic changes, ulcer, food traps and resorption cavity of adjacent teeth. These are all symptoms you want to avoid before the problem becomes serious. Regular check-ups with our dentists will help you prevent this and deal with the issue before it becomes a major concern. When frequent problems do occur we recommend that you have your wisdom teeth removed.

St John Dental is dedicated to improving your overall oral health and sorting out any dental issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our team of dentists are highly experienced, and experts in dealing with the full range of dental patients, from toddlers to senior citizens. No matter who we treat, we ensure you of a compassionate and gentle service, making sure your visit to our state-of-the-art dental facility is a pleasant experience.