Mouthguards & Dental Splints

Protect your teeth and gums with a specialised mouth guard.

Customised mouthguards & occlusal dental splints

Protect your or your kid’s teeth while playing contact sport; order a customised mouthguard or splint from your local dental professionals. Customised mouthguards are more comfortable and offer better protection than buying a generic. Book your appointment today.

In order to obtain either a mouthguard or a splint, an examination by a dentist is required. An impression or mould will be taken of your upper and lower teeth allowing for a comfortable, custom fit, which is moulded to the shape of your mouth and manufactured according to the highest standards. We make custom mouthguards for both adults and children and will make one that is perfectly suited to your mouth, allowing you to get on with the game without discomfort or worrying about it falling out.

Book an appointment today and get measured for a dental mouthguard or splint.

Prevention is better than cure and this is truest when it comes to your teeth. Wearing a mouthguard or splint will ensure the most protection for your teeth and mouth without any discomfort. This is widely accepted as the best solution and is way more comfortable than wearing something bonded and artificial after a trauma.

Athletes in all disciplines sport mouthguards, and they can be purchased from most chemists in the ‘boil and bite’ line, which is definitely better than no mouthguard at all, however, its efficiency and comfort are limited.

What is most recommended, in order to create the desired protective effect, is a custom made mouthguard so that an accurate bite can be carefully established by your dentist and a dental technician can then meticulously hand craft a device. This device will be made to create the right balance to load forces, and distribute these forces to reduce impact injury to your teeth during contact.

There is a combination of reasons bruxism may occur including physical or psychological stress, anxiety, nutritional deficiencies or dehydration. This happens more often in children or if you have an abnormal anatomy of teeth or jaws (including high spots on fillings), which can contribute to improper biting and chewing.

Common signs and symptoms of bruxism include sensitivity to heat and cold, facial muscular pain, tension headaches, flattened and worn tooth surfaces, micro fractures and broken teeth with chipped edges, loose teeth, an earache like sensation in the jaw and of course, partners, friends and family complaining about the grinding noise.

Depending on the severity of this condition, there may only be a small combination of such symptoms present.

Worn at night, the occlusal splint is moulded from hard plastic, which is more slender and streamlined in appearance than a mouthguard. It is fabricated to fit the bite of your top teeth, allowing your bottom teeth to rest gently on the flat resin surface to redistribute your bite forces and prevent further wear and tear of your tooth surfaces.